The Acoustic Affair Cottiers programme – a feast for the ears!

Thursday June 21, 2012

The Cottiers segment of the Acoustic Affair programme kicks of this evening (Thursday, 21 June) with a host of acts.  No sign of slowing down in the festival finale weekend, these five acts are eagerly anticipated at the West End Festival!

See below for details:

Thursday 21 June

Callum Baird

This young songwriter from Glasgow has spent the last five years writing and recording songs in the emptiness of his flat before starting gigging around Glasgow at the end of August 2011 leading to a headline appearance at the City Halls in February 2012. Drawing inspiration from artists old and new, local and international, and combining it with contemporary, sometimes political lyrics, this exciting young Scottish talent is set to ignite the British music scene.

Friday 22 June

Daimh with Anna MacDonald

With their name translating from the Gaelic as ‘affinity’ or ‘kinship’, Dàimh embody the dynamic richness not only of Scotland’s Highland and Hebridean traditions, but their North American diaspora, featuring Cape Breton piper Angus Mackenzie and California-born fiddler Gabe McVarish alongside Scottish colleagues Ross Martin (guitar), Damian Helliwell (banjo), James Bremner (bodhran) and award-winning Gaelic singer Calum Alex MacMillan, from the isle of Lewis.

Uncannily close-knit, thrillingly fiery instrumental sets alternate with delicately arranged, hauntingly delivered ballads, as heard most recently on their much-lauded 2010 album Diversions. Having served a lengthy apprenticeship around Highland halls and festivals before hitting the wider touring circuit, Dàimh are also an exceptional live act.

Saturday 23 June

Matinee Show

Jimmie Macgregor: The Gathering

A gathering of songs, stories and famous folk. Teaming up with Robin Hall in the fifties, Jimmie appeared five nights weekly on the BBC’s Tonight show – for four years! Hugely influential in the folk music revival, he toured the world appearing in countless venues from the Albert and Festival Halls, to the smallest folk clubs. With 20 albums to their credit, Jimmie and Robin Hall went on to host the White Heather Club and record the now legendary anthem single ‘Football crazy’ (Decca Records 1960).

Latterly Jimmie has composed theme music for radio and hosted the long running double award winning show Macgregor’s Gathering as well as produce and present long distance walks for radio and TV in various parts of the world.  A fellow of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and president of Rural Scotland, he was also awarded an MBE for services to Scottish Heritage and Culture.

Now touring a live show ‘Jimmie Macgregor’s Gathering of Songs, stories and famous folk!’ Jimmie talks about his life, the stories, songs and interviews with the likes of John Wayne and Tarzan. A relaxed and humorous show, visuals and music intersperse to create a truly special evening.

Sunday 24 June

Matinee Show

Jimmie Macgregor: John Muir show

John Muir was an American hero who was born in Scotland. He was to become known as the father of the American conservation and the founder of their wonderful national park system. As a long time admirer, Jimmie leapt at the opportunity of a recording trip to San Francisco, the Napa valley, Muir’s home at Martinez, Yosemite national park and the Sierra Nevada. Finally, Jimmie fulfilled a lifetime ambition to see for himself California’s giant redwoods, amongst the biggest and oldest living things on the planet. Come along to hear Jimmie’s stories and see some great images all presented in a relaxed and humorous style.

Sunday 24 June

Rab Noakes and Allan Taylor

Not that you would know it from his lean rock’n’roll physique but Rab Noakes is now in his sixties. His four decades of involvement in music have been marked by two recent releases: a second album with his occasional band The Varaflames, titled Unlimited Mileage, and the release on CD for the first time of his debut album Do You See The Lights? which first saw the light of day in 1970. Showcasing an exemplary taste in interpretations alongside his own songwriting, a Noakes show is a decidedly non-fusty lesson in the history of popular music. THE HERALD 


For 35-plus years songwriter Allan Taylor has been considered the consummate performer, a writer of literary gracefulness whose troubadour chronicles encapsulate the realism of otherwise unsung heroes, otherwise uncharted lives. His songs, faultlessly constructed, are flawlessly performed with his instantly recognisable voice, attractively dark and mellow, and his intricately detailed and full-sounding guitar. As Allan says at the beginning of each concert, "Sit back and enjoy the journey."


at 15:35