Another addition - The Muppets come to town!

Friday May 25, 2012

The popular Grosvenor Cinema of Ashton Lane in Glasgow’s West End, as a part of The West End Festival,  are proud to present a Community screening of the brilliant family movie ‘The Muppets’ at Maryhill Burgh Halls on Saturday 23rd June at 11am.

Tickets are only £1.00 but be there as you will see a demonstration of authentic 35mm projected film. Have you ever wondered just what goes on behind that light at the back of the cinema in the projection box, well on the 23rd June we will show you, a genuine projector taken out of a Glasgow cinema will not only be on display but will be used to show you ‘The Muppets  Movie’. Prior to the film we will also give a short talk of how 35mm developed and how we have now entered the digital age.

Not only will this be lots of fun it will also be a great brief history lesson for the family, not to mention a unique way of showing films on screen.

Tickets for the screening of ‘The Muppets Movie’ at Maryhill Burgh Halls can be purchased from The Grosvenor Cinema;  0845 166 6028.

at 11:11