La la land inspired Lobey Doser day

Thursday May 18, 2017

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The Ole Bud Neill Gang are back and this time Lobey Doser & Rank Bajin are inspired by a trip to La La Land into wild fantasies of the imagination, where they rediscover their comic roots inc Andy Stewart, Francie & Josie, Laurel & Hardy, Bing Crosbie & Bob Hope among some. However Annie Jane the GI Bride really wants a Wild West rodeo and using the skill of her son Wee big Ned, the scifi engineer from Scotstoun Space Shipyards, upgrade Fairy Nuff into a digitised humanoid. Ms Nuff wants to be human and this brings humorous consequences. A visit to La La Land will amuse, amaze & invigorate.

Dates, venues, one hour event, £7.00 entry

23.6.17. Showtimes  2.30 & 7.45pm Heart Of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral St G140BL tel 01414330424, Has car park.

24.6.17 showtimes 12 & 2.30pm @ Dram 232 Woodlands Rd, G36ND. Tel 01413321622

25.6.17 showtimes 3.30 & 6pm @ Dram 232 woodlands Rd G36ND.  Kelvinbridge Tube.


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