Charles would approve

Tuesday June 5, 2018

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After my many years of teaching the public how to stencil Mackintosh I am still in admiration with the way children take any creativity in their stride!

With no fear, they seize the brush and a bunch of colour no one would have thought off, and embark on a voyage of discovery. I think Charles would approve... I mean Charles Rennie Mackintosh! The glorious architect celebrated this year with a 150th anniversary celebration.

I am a great fan of the pupils of Hillhead Primary, Primary Seven, who last October took part in my Big Banner Project. They were so involved in the stencilling workshops I ran that we ended up with spare time and managed to stencil this huge banner that today adorns the lobby of the school. Many schools have splashed out in a piece of art that a chosen artist create for them but few schools have a piece made by its own pupils.

And indeed not many pupils make a piece of work exhibited in a gallery - Hillhead pupils did. Their banner was in The Lighthouse, Scotland's Centre for Design and Architecture, for two weeks! 

From pupil to artist it only took a short step, but we could not stop there… from artist to teacher is another small jump. We had to do this

Outreach is a great concept. You have some knowledge and you pass it on to as many people as you can. That is what we do! That is what they will do!

The children of Hillhead Primary. I want them to have a go” at teaching the technique they have learned from me to their parents, friends and of course, you, the public!

What a great feeling to see them embarking on this adventure of sharing. 12 children with a brush in their hand showing everyone how to stencil! I think the West End Festival is the perfect opportunity for this.

You can find us on the Plaza of Hillhead Primary on the morning 23rd June with a stencilling brush in our hand waiting for you! We want to teach you all about Mackintosh roses :)

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Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw from The Lansdowne House of Stencils

at 21:01