Languages with Derek Rogers

Monday May 21, 2018

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This is Derek Rogers' twentieth West End Festival appearance - every year since 1999 he has presented a talk on some aspect of language, accent or dialect. This year he looks at the the choices any community must make when deciding which - if any - languages to promote and which to ignore, and how that plays out in a time of great political uncertainty.
"We should all speak proper English!" - "We're an outward-looking, multicultural country!" - "Gaelic is dead!" This is a topic where emotions run high and opinions are strong, so come along and enjoy an engaging, fun-filled debate!
Tuesday 5th June at 1:00pm
Tuesday 12th June at 1:00pm
Tuesday 19th June at 6:00pm.
@Hillhead Library
Free event - no booking required.
at 09:50