Lobey Dosser performance

Friday May 25, 2018

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This year's one-hour performance tells, in a slapstick comedy style, the story of the Lobey Dosser mural above Bill's Tool Store in Bain Street at the Barras.
The shop front provides the Calton home for the Mighty Fine Theatre's mural, that celebrates the origins of Bud Neill's legendary wild west cartoon series based on Sheriff Lobey Dosser. 
Not only does it show the misadventure of the Calton Settler wagon train to Arizona, but it uses tools at the axle of the drama: Rank Bajin sabotages the wagon wheels so the nuts fall off and then cycles off with all the tools  Lobey Dosser rides to the rescue with tools inc an adjustable spanner and a screwdriver to save the day.
The message is that tools provide a positive symbol of the potential of humanity to overcome adversity and build anew. 
The mural contains a portrait of the founder Bill Pearson, as Barra Boy, whose tool store continues to keep the wagons rollin' rollin' along.
Two performances will be held on Saturday 9th June at 'High Noon' and 2pm in the wee Dram 232 Woodlands Rd G3 6ND near the Lobey Dosser bronze statue. £5.00 entry. 
at 14:41