Friday June 7, 2019

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A Wild West Cowboy Confection

The fifth year of WEF Mighty Fine Theatre Bud Neill comic showdowns: A sweet & tasty wild west hoedown - a flavour of Ces’t La Vie - with the legendary Calton cowboy, the reluctant Sheriff Rightenuff, Lobey Dosser (Duncan Comrie);  his calamitous deputy, Clementine nee Fairy Nuff from Yoker (Sarah-Beth Brown); and Lucky Luke, the French world’s, chocolate loving, Western superstar (Tom Moriarty).

Bud Neill’s cartoon art has inspired many people witness the two publicly funded bronze statues The GI Bride in Partick Railway Station and the Lobey statue in Woodlands Rd.  Mighty Fine Theatre was also created to follow his example and use wit and charm to entertain and stimulate the public. This has taken two distinct directions, to bring to life Bud Neill’s world in theatrical performances, which is a fantastic challenge because of the many layers of ideas in his cartoons. The other direction is continue Bud Neill’s surreal odd bizarre world of the imagination and take it to the Edinburgh Festival fringe as a show a playful satire on the meanings in dada and surrealist art. This year we have a show called Dada Surrealism Bowie and Pop at the Scottish Arts Club.

Since the Partick Burgh Halls show in 2013 MFT have been part of the WEF programme taking on the mantle of keeping  Bud Neill’s wit and his Evening Times legend in the public mind. What had been ‘Lobey Dosser Day’at the Dram, nearby to the statue of Lobey and posse – a musical event – MFT transformed into a Glaswegian cowboy world drama, informed by the characters, wit and humour of Bud Neill.

Mighty fine Theatre were fortunate to gain funding from Glasgow City Council in 2017 for the painting of a wall mural in Bain Street above Bill’s Tool Store. The mural depicts the first adventure of Lobey Dosser saving the Calton Creek Settler wagon train from a disaster caused by Rank Bajin, the cartoon villain.

For this year’s tall tale it is the discovery of the cartoon cowboy artist Morris an exact contemporary of Bud Neill which inspires the showdown. Morris, a Belgian, created the French world’s own cowboy cartoon legend – also in 1946 – Lucky Luke. Lucky Luke and Lobey Dosser are products of the post-war generation but this is the first time they have met. Luke with his French ways has come to educate Lobey and posse about taste, in particular the delights of Belgian Chocolate. But there is a huge dilemma at stake can Lobey and Luke find an alternative way to save the world?

Sunday, 9 June.

At The Dram, 236 Woodlands Rd.

12 Noon and High Noon 2pm.

£5.00 at door.

With disabled access.

at 10:02