Blog: Alopex Events raises money for #wef13

Monday April 29, 2013

“It’s 6:50pm and I’m running late, literally.  My train has only just pulled into Glasgow Central Station and I’m already caught up in a leg race with an old German couple struggling to keep up with fashion.  The unconventional leather footwear that stupidly points out at the end of my legs rain down against the coat of skin on Platform 13, with my footsteps leaving damp puddles of echo along the tarmac as I move into a taxi waiting outside to take me to the CCA”.

For some it is just another night at the CCA, for others it’s the chase of a pursuit.  The making of a something for those still living on the edge of a dream leads to one point.

On Monday the 11th March that point was the “Glasgow Film Premiere Night” which was organised by the ‘Alopex Events’ team with conjunction with’ Burning Horseshoe Productions’ and ‘Quick off the Mark Productions’. The night consisted of showing two short films by directors Rodney Reynold and Chris Quick.

The first of the two films to be shown; “The Greyness of Autumn” follows the final Days of Danny McGuire, an ostrich living in Scotland. Danny’s life is suddenly turned upside down when he loses his job and his girlfriend in the same day. As Danny struggles to reinvent himself in a society that treats him as a second class citizen, he questions whether there is much point living in a world that will never see past the feathers”.

Where the film should unearth everyday problems we all face, it somehow manages to quake a cackle of laughter. The Greyness of Autumn has proven to be great exercise for your face, but don’t expect your heart to walk away lightly either.

There is simply just not enough hands up puppet Ostriches speaking with a Scottish accent.

“A Priest with Two Guns”, the second of the two films to be shown at the Premiere. “After a confessional Father O’Reilly is startled by a noise and investigates to find a small box outside the front of the church. He opens the box to find a severed hand and a Dictaphone. Upon listening he discovers that his brother Shaemus owes £20,000 to McEleroy the Money Lender and he has 24 hours to repay the debt or Shaemus dies. It is left to O’Reilly to use all his capabilities to find the money but he comes across many obstacles alone the way”.

Blood, violence and lots of men wearing black clothes pointing guns at each other, this persuading modern day Celtic western shooter has it all which has been influenced by Tarantino as Director Rodney Reynold admits to.

No matter how meaningful words can be, the barrel of a gun speaks much louder and there is more emphasis on that whilst they are duel wielded by a psychopath who’s arms are twice the size of a double barrel shotgun.

Organised by Alopex Events, the team of who were recently put together -- Barbara Walsh, Jade Anderson, David Sharp and James Stewart – study Events Management in their first year at The City of Glasgow College.

The team would like to thank everyone who attended the event and everyone who helped the process along the way.

Expect to see big things happening in the future from these Short Films, Actors and the Directors. All profits from this venture are to be donated to the fantastic West End festival, celebrating Glasgow’s culture, sense of family and most of all its love of FUN.