Recital - From The Golden Age

Saturday June 27, 2015

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Last night, in the beautiful surroundings of Mackintosh Queen’s Cross, I attended a ‘Recital from the Golden Age’, performed by violinist Feargus Hetherington and pianist Edward Cohen. 

A golden age of anything is a period of time looked back on with fond sentiment. For violinist Feargus Hetherington, there was a clear golden age for the violin and piano duo between 1920 - 1939 with many pieces now lost and no longer played in public. Feargus’ goal is to resurrect some of these pieces and bring them, as well as the golden age of violin and piano concerts, back to their former glory. And boy did he ever!

Although not packed out, there was a fair crowd of around 30 at the event which in a way made it feel more exclusive - a sort of private evening with Feargus and Edward as they played their music. The variety of pieces packed out the hour making it seem like much longer in the best of senses. One minute a light-hearted melody which would have been suitable for a mixer on the lawn of the White House and the next a dramatic piece which could have come straight from a black and white tragic film. 

The pieces were played with such conviction, as could be seen in the faces of both musicians, filling the small stage space with enough drama and fervour to keep the audience near enough transfixed for the entire performance. It was incredibly impressive to see two musicians hold a group’s attention so completely for so long! 

A piano and violin recital is not my usual cup of tea, I’ll admit. However, after the performance tonight, I will seek to try out something of a similar caliber in the future. For any who wish to experience a performance in the Mackintosh Queen’s Cross there is A Piano Recital with Peter Seivewright tonight at 7.30pm with tickets available online and at the door.


Play me, I'm yours

Monday June 9, 2014

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The main installation is planned to coincide with the XX Commonwealth Games in July, though the West End Festival kicks off a summer of Streetpianos with a wee taster at the Gibson Street Gala . . . with more to follow. 


A decorated streetpiano is a rolling permission to have a wee breather from our busyness and pause in the midst of life to play . . . freely and listen to others too. We've named our pianos too!


If you want to see more of the internationally touring artwork by British artist Luke Jerram visit: for some great videos from all over the world. You may even find some inspiration for your own outdoor performance!


Dogs & Pianos




An Clachan Cafe will host a piano until the16th after Indian Truck Art inspired decoration in the Glasgow Mela.  


A bit further west is 'Nemo' at Riverside, who has been decorated by Robert Smillie Memorial Primary school. He will be making appearances out on the museum floor. 


Moving east of woodlands you can also play the first PMIY Glasgow Piano 'Calisia' in the foyer of the Royal Concert Hall and now 'Mac' at the Project Cafe on Renfrew St. ( beside Mandoors ) He was decorated in Garnethill Park on June 14th as part of GSofA degree show week. 


'NikNak' is currently in the Art Village in Shawlands Arcade after having a life in the Southside Festival Fringe office and 'Eric' is already quite at home in the foyer of Govanhill Baths. 


'Wee Mary' or 'Masala Queen' will also be out on the balcony at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for you to play during the Scottish International Piano competition, June 11th-22nd.


There will be much more during the Games including pianos at the Burrell Collection, GoMA, Scotland Street School and the main public stages as well as pop-up pianos around the city and outside the Wellington Street Church . . . if we can get one up the steps !


Share your videos & photos on the Glasgow Piano City Facebook page and visit for more info on our plans and details of how to support the project with a donation . . . a piano ( or a stool ) and if you would like to volunteer on the project. For all enquiries contact the Project Manager Tom Binns by email at: or tel: 01418828825 / 07940224365 


Guest blog post by Tom Binns